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2020: Looking back on my goals and making them more suited to 2021

Saturday, 23 January 2021
Unsplash -Isaac Smith

I’ve seen many posts looking over the last year and what everyone’s achieved. 2020 was a mixed bag in how the new decade didn’t exactly start how we imagined, a far cry from the roaring parties of our dreams. Getting through the year was good enough in my eyes, but I decided to have a look over the postI made a year a go with a few overall goals for the year ahead. It feels almost Bridget Jones-esque to set some goals at the beginning of the year in my mind, but that’s only because I have an internal monologue narrating this post as I write. I always feel this way when the posts are of more of a personal nature than a fun general topic, but sometimes these are the posts that matter personally since they can be looked over easily.  My thoughts on the goal mentality and process have been mixed in terms of how they make me feel but I do think some rough ideas are always good to aim towards. Most of the things I have outlined here could be completed in and out of the house which I think will be a theme going into the new year with a great sense of trepidation.

Career: Achieve a grade I’m proud of in my masters

I would say I achieved this, I didn’t fail or only just scrape a pass which was the main thing. Graduating wasn’t the experience I thought it’d be since at the start I wanted to make a power suit in a bright colour to don on a January day with doc martens. Instead, a hat was made by my dad out of a cap and card balanced precariously on my head as I posed jokingly on the stairs. Laughs were had and I donated blood later that that, an unconventional end to what could only be described as an unconventional year of studying. Now I know I don’t really want to do a PhD anytime soon, so the goal is just to find something that makes me happy in a way? I know that a level of enjoyment is definitely key to getting the most out of a job, especially when it comes to maintaining good mental health.

New goal: Find employment and continue learning new skills through this platform. 

Two of my recent instagram captions inspired by A discovery of Witches
because I utterly adore this book series.

Hobbies and lifestyle: Blog continuously

Well with the masters and lockdown, my creativity ran dry pretty early on last year. With trying to maintain focus on my work, the focus on my blog took a backseat. I made a banana bread, but it didn’t make the gram, I went on walks but not in nice outfits. I did make it to 20 posts which is less than I imagined at the start, but 20 posts in 2020 has a kind of ring to it I guess? Losing motivation is always forgivable, but failing at this one does annoy me a bit. I am determined to stick to it this year though, especially since I don’t have university to blame for my lacking inspiration. That and I’ve got a lot more content planned that involves sewing since I have more space, a machine and a dressmaking mannequin to display anything I make if I don’t fancy wearing it myself. I just want to make fun creative content on here and on my Instagram that’s more me and less for the sake of being topics I think people will want to see. I just want to have fun with writing and creating.

New goal: Once again to be consistent with my blogging and also to enjoy sewing or creating sewing content

Self: Take a break and read more

I adore books, I love to read all the words and immerse myself in the pages of content people create. Alas, I did not read enough. I set myself a goal of reading 20 books, thinking it was achievable and not at all too ambitious after seeing the aims of other book bloggers. I didn’t even record all the books I read so I’m not entirely sure of how many I actually achieved but probably somewhere in the teens. Once again then, my aim is to read 20 books and not to get too distracted by animal crossing… 

New goal: Read more, sew more and spend less time looking at screens          

Make more ethical choices

This is one I was fairly successful in, with the pandemic I shopped a lot less as things weren’t open and I just didn’t have the want to scroll through ASOS. I switched to the ordinary skincare so now my skincare routine is cruelty free and by not really going anywhere last year my general impact on the environment has been pretty good. This year I want to make more of a difference by changing habits and supporting more causes. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that we’re stronger together even when we are all apart. Thinking about this makes me want to go out and support more causes as well as making some more ethical decisions at home.

Goal: Educate and act better towards the environment (both the earth and the people who inhabit it)

What are some of the things you are looking towards doing this year?

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