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Shop Small: Crystals, magic with Manifestations and Magic

Monday, 19 October 2020

Last Friday I recently posted on twitter a want to share small businesses on this platform up until Christmas as a way to just broadcast the amazing gifts people are creating. With COVID-19 I assume most people will be reaching for the online purchases than running to the shops to fill stockings and so why not see the alternative amazing businesses in the blogging community or elsewhere. Small businesses I find to be the best places to shop, just getting that more personal gift and supporting someone who isn’t Bezos at the same time. Plus knowing all of the work that goes into the products, you are sure to be getting a high quality present the person will love and that will last a longer time than half the stuff you buy cheaply on ebay. 

Disclaimer: All images used in this post are taken from the shop listings, and the prices are accurate at the time of post publication.

Manifestation and Magic

Manifest the life you want with crystals and magic.’

Manifestations and Magic is a brilliant shop owned by Lauren and the slogan of the shop really says it all in one go. Crystals have gained popularity in the last few years and Lauren’s shop really shows why. Selling high quality products for a reasonable price, the crystal bundles at manifestation and magic really are suited for almost any occasion. Of course, with Christmas coming up, your purchase will most likely be geared towards that, but there’s still so much thought in the packaging and product design beyond just labelling them as crystals. This shop also has a crystal for almost every occasion and a set that would be a fantastic Christmas addition to anyone who just wants to bring that little extra affirmation in their life.

Gift Picks:

Crystals for the avid astrologer

With a crystal set for every star sign on the chart, these crystals are hand selected to match the energy of  a person with that particular star sign. As a gemini myself, I have chosen to share the crystals for gemini. The set of crystals come in a gorgeous moon and star printed bag, both fitting for the product and the perfect place to safely store your crystals. I also find the small size of each crystal perfect to keep with you for those affirmations during the day, sometimes it just helps to balance emotions and ground yourself in tumultuous moments. These are perfect for your co-star obsessed friend who is addicted to the daily horoscope updates that love to mysteriously drag us all. 

Crystals for Gemini- £9.50

The best stocking Fillers

A piece of the rainbow

With Christmas coming up fast it's good to find the little presents now. The small gifts are sometimes the best in my opinion especially when they add that extra bit of creativity to your stocking. The hand knitted mini rainbow stocking to hold the crystals is just the most adorable little addition, adding a festive feel to your crystal collection. The crystals in this purchase are a surprise too, giving you the option to purchase either 1 or 3 crystals with the stocking, this element is one I really do love. A similar gift is the Christmas stocking option, which offers a more festive feel to the gift in the traditional Christmas colour palette. Both of these gift options I think are perfect for all ages, great for secret santa or a stocking filler.

Christmas Crystal stocking fillers- £6.50/ £9.50 (1 crystal or 3)

A piece of the rainbow- £6.50/ £9.50

Manifestations in hopes of a better 2020

One of the things I love about Lauren's store is the amount of occasions she has crystals for. These crystals for a new beginning are just one example of this, and are perfect for anyone you know who is starting anew. I think it's safe to say all of us are hoping for 2021 to be better than this year, many people right now are looking for new starts in employments or ventures which began in lockdown meaning this would be an ideal gift for them. The crystals can provide the good energy for the new beginning in the new year, hopefully allowing for next year to be better. The carry bag of the crystals is also a gorgeous touch with the moon and start motif, making them easy to carry about  on your new adventures.

Crystals for new beginnings- £9.50

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