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Five ways we act when we have a crush

Friday, 19 March 2021


Deciding what to wear on a date is always a struggle

It’s been a while, but the dissertation has been submitted so I have a little more time to do other things now whilst I try to find a job. That might be it’s own little adventure on here though, a nice little documentary as I try to find my way through my twenties in a pandemic. That’s not the point of today’s post.

We’ve all had crushes, even if the word crush does make me cringe ever so slightly now at the ripe age of 22. Crush just makes me think of mizz magazine with the cringe columns and tales of woe as you fart in front of the boy you like, supposedly ruining all chances you have of ever dating him. Nevertheless they still persist, and what better way to discuss them than in the teen magazine format. A list post of things I, or maybe even we, have done when we’ve had crushes in the past.


1.Become a spy with internet skills MI6 could dream to have

Whether you met them on tinder or in a class, the internet is a best friend when it comes to dating. I’ve never added someone on facebook when I was interested in them, but it’s always good to get a recon mission in. It’s the only time I’ve considered my cyber skills good enough to actually become a spy, finding out if they photographs well and if we’ve got any mutual friends. I feel like this is something everyone does, or maybe everyone I know at least…

2. Play it cool…or play it cool as well as 10 year old me plays netball

Playing it cool has never been a strong suit in any situation for me. I mean this with utmost honesty, I cannot play it cool in any capacity. We all do it though, play off the feelings as if they’re nothing so the person doesn’t find out before you tell them even if you do actually tell them. Act like you feel nothing that’s not platonic for the other person, they think you’re cool and disinterested which both helps if nothing comes of it but also slows down any actual result from the crush. You could always do what I do though, trip over your own feet in an effort to move around them, this is something I do normally and without a crush. Tripping over your words is also a big thing here, getting out sentences is hard at the best of time…let alone when you feel like every word should matter


3. Oh you like sport? So do I!

Now this is a classic move, one I feel that everyone has definitely done at some point in their lives. Pretending to like a small thing they love just to be that bit more compatible, it’s only a small white lie to support their team or favourite film as long as you don’t stop supporting your own. At aged nine I played star wars in the playground to spend time with the guy I liked, despite knowing nothing about the films beyond light sabres. (Even then I was annoyed because apparently girls don’t have those since they’re not jedi, I had to settle for an imaginary gun instead. Safe to say this non-relationship did not happen from this rocky start)

4. Girl talk, do they like me?

Ah messenger, the play ground, a sleep over? Wherever the location, the conversation is about them. At least in the early stages. It’s always interesting to discuss how you approach the crush, if they like you, the odds of it working. How beautiful they are in that unobtainable way which means they’d of course never be interested. Even in a game of M.A.S.H. That’s planning out your whole life though. Praying you get to live in a mansion instead of the shed and that if you do luckily land on your crush as THE ONE, you don’t end up landing on a high number for children. We all know at aged 10 that 30 odd children is good for no one especially if you have a bike instead of a car. A turbulent time, but sometimes life seemed so much simpler when it was planned by the Gods of MASH or a paper fortune teller.


How I feel about dating (Source)

5. Shake it off..

Most of the time a crush comes to nothing, or at least it does in my case. A mixture of anxiety over their rejection and inability to commit usually contributes to having to do this. As much as we fantasise and think about how it could be, usually you just have to get over it. Sometimes they have a partner; or in my case you match with them on tinder, they see you in the library on a Sunday sans make up in essay hell so unmatch you since you’re really not looking at your best. I can confidently say this person was not worth my time and good to get over, but it was hard to face at first…Almost like they’d seen my face then saw it as reason to leave… that’s their loss though!

What are some of the ways you’ve behaved when facing a possible partner in the past?


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