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Valentines: Sh*t I am loving at the moment

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Okay so this post wasn’t really a planned one, though for once I have a list of pre-planned posts I just need to write out. (Shocking for anyone that knows me, you know I’m chaotic and as disorganised as they come). Today’s post was just a spur of the moment decision to share about some of the random things I’ve been loving recently. There’s not really any reason or categorisation to these things, just the idea that they spark joy. None of them will be getting the boot at this time if I ever decide to Marie Kondo sort my mind and life. I’m hoping this comes across as a nice chat with coffee or wine with how it reads but who knows if I will actually succeed in this aim. Plus I thought sharing it today had the added bonus of appealing to all you lovers out there since tomorrow is the big V-day. Enjoy your dates and hopefully this post of what I've been enjoying lately. As always I’m starting to ramble so here are some of the things that I have been enjoying recently. 

Sex Education

Unless you have been living under a rock or have for some reason sworn off all Netflix produced media, you’ve probably watched or heard of the hit Netflix show sex education. This is probably one of the best shows I have seen recently – I would even go far enough to say that I think series 2 does surpass series 1 with how much I enjoyed it. The show is both amusing and original, especially with some of the big issues they tackle in a serious way. (Far from the drama of Riverdale high) Series 2 did not disappoint me at all, to the point where I binged the series in a matter of days. The highlight of the series of course being episode 7 and the many friendships portrayed by such a talented cast. The only annoyance I did have was that they held their series premiere at what used to be my local cinema when I was at university in London; brought back all the reasons why I miss Genesis. Entirely irrelevant to my mini review, but nonetheless you should watch sex education.

Taylor Swift Miss Americana.

Oh boy, once again Netflix you did not disappoint. Quick disclaimer, this is not a list made up purely of Netflix produced media, they just seem to be chanelling all my wants from a streaming site at the moment. I am not a person who normally enjoys concert films or documentaries about singers, but from someone who has loved Taylor Swift since she was 9 or 10 I felt like I had to watch this. The film charts the hardships and progress of Taylor producing the album lover, delving into the personal and political aspects of her life. The documentary follows Swift as not only she develops her role as a performer, but how she can find her voice beyond this persona within politics and beyond the media representations. I loved this docu-film just as much as I loved Gaga: Five Foot Two which is the highest recommendation I could probably give it.

The Yellow raincoat that turns me into Georgie from IT

The classic clothing favourite in something bloggers love, ground breaking right? Sadly this item is not on trend though, instead it is surprisingly practical and just a fun burst of colour in my rather plain wardrobe. My previous raincoat sadly fell to shreds just before Christmas, it lasted me a while considering I got it for less than £5 in a charity shop but just couldn’t seem to cut the Yorkshire weather. (Just a little bit like the owner of said coat…) The new yellow coat though is just as good even if it wasn’t as much of a bargain, I regress to the oversized toddler I am when I wear it but who cares. It’s yellow and did me well in storm Ciara, that’s all you need from a raincoat right?


Last month I spoke about my goals and how one of them was to get that little bit fitter this year, and in true start of the year form with resolutions I appear to be sticking with that goal. Instead of joining a gym though I decided to take up running, it’s much cheaper and I can use the weather as an excuse for a rest day. What’s not to love? Weather aside, I’m really enjoying it as a way to clear my head and just get out of the house for something more than university classes. So far I’ve not injured myself yet which is surprising given how clumsy I am, saying that though I have probably just jinxed my injury-free streak.

 Anyway, that's just a few of the things I have been loving lately. Thought I'd share it at this time to fulfil the Valentines quota for this part of the year. I'd love to know things you've been loving lately though!
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