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My Journey To A Sustainable Period

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Disclaimer: The period product props in these I already had
and didn't buy just for the post

Hello and welcome back to the blog, today I’m gonna be chatting about something we all are well accustomed with, or rather should know more about owing to the pitfalls of the PSCHE classes offered in schools… That’s right periods! I know this topic was ignored as much as sex education was growing up, but I distinctly remember the boys being allowed to go out and play football when as girls we had to sit in the classroom to learn about our menstrual cycles. As a disgruntled 10 year old all I wanted to do was go out and play football, on the other hand as a disgruntled 21 year old I feel that boys should be included in all sex education lessons so there is a greater awareness of periods. Not shading all men, but some are downright clueless when it comes to periods.

Valentines: Sh*t I am loving at the moment

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Okay so this post wasn’t really a planned one, though for once I have a list of pre-planned posts I just need to write out. (Shocking for anyone that knows me, you know I’m chaotic and as disorganised as they come). Today’s post was just a spur of the moment decision to share about some of the random things I’ve been loving recently. There’s not really any reason or categorisation to these things, just the idea that they spark joy. None of them will be getting the boot at this time if I ever decide to Marie Kondo sort my mind and life. I’m hoping this comes across as a nice chat with coffee or wine with how it reads but who knows if I will actually succeed in this aim. Plus I thought sharing it today had the added bonus of appealing to all you lovers out there since tomorrow is the big V-day. Enjoy your dates and hopefully this post of what I've been enjoying lately. As always I’m starting to ramble so here are some of the things that I have been enjoying recently. 

Sustainable fashion and me

Wednesday, 5 February 2020

Apologies for the short intermission in scheduled posting, but last week I didn’t have a post pre-written and had very little motivation due to a little mental health slump. The only day I had a small semblance of energy was Friday, and I really was not in the mood to post on the same day as leaving the EU. Instead on Friday I chose to watch Miss Americana on Netflix, which of course made me cry as I cry an nearly anything, but I really recommend it. It’s great to see a documentary that shows the story behind the manicured concerts and tours, especially one about such a high profile celebrity.

Anyway, once again I have gotten off topic in the opening paragraph and the entire above section has almost nothing to do with the actual post.. I could easily delete it from the content since unlike youtube, it won’t make everything look a little choppy but I’m going with it. Today I’m going back to the goals post, specifically how I’m trying to be more sustainable in regards to fashion and purchases. Recently I read a really good post over at Jenny’s blog about a year of sustainablefashion, and it got me thinking over how I could achieve my ‘environmental’ goals through clothes.