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4 Things You Don't Know About Me

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

This is probably the most cliché first post to publish on here but we are going with it since I think an introductory moment is always a good way to go. After all, the whole idea of a blog is sharing your interests and opinions. What I want is this to be a space where I can share pieces of writing that aren’t written with an academic audience in mind. Since this is my first post you know literally nothing about me, but as this is my second attempt at blogging some of you may have read some of my pieces from there. Even with that information, I don’t think my blog revealed a lot about me. This the blog post no one asked for, but you can (hopefully) enjoy anyway since it’s the first one. I promise content will get more original and better as I go, but for now here’s the four facts.

I am chaotic at heart

I’m never too sure how I appear online, but I don’t think it is anywhere near as unorganised as I appear in life. If you know me offline then you probably know I will always be running late and or looking slightly frazzled. I can work to a deadline, but will always be working until the last hour or so at least. I am aiming to be more organised and on top of things this year, but that’s always an aim of mine. I want to just contain some of the disorganisation so that maybe I can finish work without my hair going berserk from the frankly static energy I give off.

I am quite an anti-social person

Now, let’s kick the ball rolling with a classic. Who else is an introvert? I am going to try and be open and friendly with this platform and the social media I’m using to share my blog, but that’s not the case in real life. Though I do enjoy hanging out with friends, I am at my happiest with a cup of tea or coffee recharging on my own. I love creating and working in my own space, just enjoying my own company. I can put my phone down and leave social media interactions if I feel they’re getting too overwhelming, sometimes I wish I could do the same in real life…. I am trying to get better at stepping out of my comfort zone and going to more social events though, it just takes time.

I am seriously clumsy

This one fits nicely in with my general sense of disorganisation, but I am seriously clumsy. Think of a cartoon character slipping on a banana peel and you have a good idea of how clumsy I am, just without the banana peel..(Though one time on the walk to uni last year I did almost slip on a banana peel) It’s not just a sense of balance or tripping on hidden objects in the air though, I drop or knock almost everything over. Once getting up in the library, I just bent down to get my backpack and knocked a plant pot on the floor. Soil was everywhere! Of course, I did the natural thing and picked it up, only to knock it over again within 30 seconds….

The love of my life is…

History! Obviously this is the first post on my blog so I’ve not had a chance to share anything else yet, but unlike my last attempt at blogging I may actually do some posts about my degree or interests in the area. I love it, currently I’m doing my masters in modern history so it says something that I stuck with the subject after undergraduate level! I wouldn’t necessarily say I have an area of speciality yet, just that my main focus is medical history in the early twentieth century. I am thinking about writing some history-orientated posts on here, but I just worry that the content would be boring to most people. This fear is something I am hoping to get over. The entire reason why I decided to relaunch my blog instead of continuing with the old one is I would like a fresh start. A chance to write about my passions and what I want rather than churning out saturated content that I feel nothing for.

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