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My Goals Going into 2020

Wednesday, 15 January 2020
It’s probably a little late in the year to start one of these posts, but as we are still in January I thought I would give it a shot. As someone who doesn’t and never has kept a diary, I thought I would maybe take a chance to write some of my goals for the year down here instead. I’m hoping that by writing them down they are more likely to come into fruition, in that I will actually stick with them. Not that I am one to give up easily, just someone who dwells on a hell of a lot of what ifs. A bad habit I know, one that I should probably try and break. So anyway, the goals. I was thinking about splitting them into categories as a way of rationalising them to myself and not just setting goals that feed into each other to only really achieve one thing.

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Career: Achieve a grade I’m proud of in my masters

Something I have yet to harp on about but mentioned briefly in the facts about me post is that currently I am studying a Masters in Modern History at the university of Sheffield. It is because of this that my first goal is to achieve a level I am proud of, now this may seem a little bit secretive but that’s how I am with grades. I don’t want to put a specific marker on here that I will feel devastated about not getting when I revisit the post at the end of the year. The failure you feel alone when you don’t achieve something is bad enough but sharing that with the internet too? Call me insecure, Iam just not ready for that kind of relationship. For now I’ll leave it as a feeling and keep the specific academic aims quiet.

Hobbies and lifestyle: Blog continuously

Now, this platform is not my first attempt at blogging but I am hoping it will be my last -What I mean is that this is the platform I will continue on for the foreseeable future. With that in mind, I would like to stay consistent with this for the whole year by making sure for at least one post a week. By doing this too I may see growth in interest, at the same time though I may not. I want to blog continuously for myself, and then hopefully someone will stick around? If not then that’s fine, at least I’ve continued with and found a place where I can write pieces that aren’t for my university course. I started the blog this year with the intention of carving out a place where I can share my thoughts and opinions on an array of topics, so I like to think at the end of this year I’ll still have this little platform.  

Fitness: Improve my general physical fitness

Ah, the most stereotypical of all the New Years goals a person could have… About a month ago my sister mentioned that this year she would like to run a half marathon, now I do not have such high aspirations but it got me thinking…. Although I am not a massively unfit person, I walk to places whenever I can and do the odd youtube work out, that is pretty much it though. What I want to do is make exercise a more regular part of my weekly routine, all I need to do first though is find an activity I enjoy doing and that doesn’t put too much strain on my joints. Watch this space. As I’m writing this, I have just signed up for my first 10k race in March which I am both equally as excited as I am terrified.  2020 is the physically fit year for me and I may even take you along on the ride with updates on here, especially since I am in no way a well seasoned runner or general fitness guru.

Self: Take a break and read more

Going into this new year I’ve realised that despite my love of books, I have read hardly any in the last 3 years due to university! My brain has just been too tired to process texts beyond those needed in an academic setting which is something I want to change. I’ve realised that I’ve read over these last few years with only the goal of improving my work in mind, choosing books that will help me in the long run. Last year I read only 5 books that had nothing to do with my degree, which for me is downright shameful. Reading I’m hoping will give me time to disengage and switch off, whilst hopefully reigniting my passion for books at the same time. I’ve set the bar a lot lower than others with an aim to read 20 books, I’m hoping I can surpass that mark by a long way though. I would also like to read a range of books rather than just one genre, so I am open to plenty of suggestions if anyone has some.

The world: Make more ethical choices

Wow, now the title for this category sounds a little ominous and like I am gearing up towards world domination. Obviously, this is not the case. (I would be a terrible world leader, I get stressed and cry too easily). With world domination off the cards, I would still like to turn my attention to being more environmentally aware in everyday life and making more ethical choices. After reading this post by Emily about what she’s not going to buy in 2020 I was inspired to think of what I could go without in the new year. I know one person thinking more about the environment won’t make too much of a difference, but if we all make such a turn then things may change for the better. My aim is to buy less, walk more and eat more sustainably. When I do purchase anything I am going to aim for either second hand or total transparency; know where things have come from to ensure a more eco-friendly life.

What are some of your goals going into the new year, or do you maybe have some advice on how I can achieve mine?

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